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ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT in Braunschweig, Germany


Städtisches Museum, 6 p.m.

Performed by the Staatsorchester Braunschweig under the baton of Sebastian Beckedorf. 

Lewis Milestone’s classic war film emerged in 1930, just at the end of the upheaval from silent to talking film. In order to present the movie at cinemas that hadn’t yet made the transition to talkies, Universal produced a silent version that should by no means be understood as a byproduct. The silent version reveals aesthetic differences that mostly result from the technical standard of the time. The camera, relieved of the heavy apparatuses needed for talking film, floats fluidly through cinematic space. The silent version also includes scenes left out of the talking film.

The music: „The music for this movie resides somewhere between Alban Berg and Miles Davis on the one hand and Maurice Ravel and Frank Zappa on the other, a cross-over in which different styles interpenetrate and recombine into something new. A serious, humanistic tone that is packed with cinematic action permeates the entire score: a great, heated regret over what is happening. Yet it is all paired with humorous echoes of jazz and impressionist emotional scenes. The music consistently retreats into a distanced consciousness and accords the film another existential level.“ (Manfred Knaak)