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THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED in Wolfsratshausen, Germany


Loisachhalle Wolfratshausen, 7:30 p.m.

Performed by the Philharmonische Orchester Isartal under the baton of Christoph Adt.

THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED was one of the first animated evening films in the history of filmmaking. Lotte Reininger, a scissor artist, Walter Ruttmann, a painter and experimental filmmaker, and their team worked for three years to complete the production. The film is enchanting with its filigree figures and fantasy-filled, two-dimensional ornamentation. It was produced by hand, consisting of approximately 100,000 (!) pictures.

THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED is based on stories from “The Arabian Nights”. Prince Achmed is the son of the mighty caliph of Bagdad. Achmed is given a magic flying horse by a nefarious sorcerer. Though the horse is enchanted, he is able to subdue the horse's power. The story revolves around the many adventures they have together. When they fly to the island “Wak-Wak”, Achmed falls in love with the beautiful Princess Pari Banu. To win her heart, he must defeat demons, wizards and ghosts.