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Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks, The
(Neobytschwainyie prikljutschenija Mistera Westa w stranje bolschwewikow)

Lew Kuleschow’s film MR. WEST was directed in the traditional American detective film style. The Russian director and film pioneer of the early Soviet film pokes fun at prejudices against Bolsheviks. In spite of his travels to Russia with Cowboy protection, Senator West is attacked by men that appear to be Bolsheviks, yet turn out as thieves. The mix-up is sorted out when the real Bolsheviks rush to Mr. West’s rescue. A film complete with humour and gags and grotesque, to which English composer Benedict Mason wrote congenial music for live performances.

This film reveals the adventures of an American Senator, also referred to as “Mr. West,” and his faithful servant and bodyguard, Jeddie. Full of prejudices and erroneous Western views of the USSR, they travel to visit the land of what they consider the horrible, evil Bolsheviks. At the end of his adventures, he discovers that the Bolsheviks are extraordinary people and his opinion of the Soviets changes to one of admiration. A film worth seeing not only for its irony, gags and grotesque, yet also for its historic meaning.


Benedict Mason

  Ensemble (1 - 15 Musiker)    
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