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Chronicles of the Gray House, The
(Zur Chronik von Grieshuus)

The film score of ZUR CHRONIK VON GRIESHUUS was composed by Gottfried Huppertz who had already written the music for the two parts of DIE NIBELUNGEN with an approximate running time of almost five hours. Three years later, he would score Fritz Lang’s masterpiece METROPOLIS.

After the premiere of ZUR CHRONIK VON GRIESHUUS in February 1925, about fifteen minutes were cut from the movie. Furthermore, two versions with different intertitles were brought into circulation. In recent years, the film print and the film score of ZUR CHRONIK VON GRIESHUUS were restored to their original versions and are now available for live performances.

Arthur von Gerlach’s movie ZUR CHRONIK VON GRIESHUUS (THE CHRONICLES OF THE GRAY HOUSE) is based on a short story by German writer Theodor Storm and recounts a fairy tale from North Germany. ZUR CHRONIK VON GRIESHUUS is a story of two unequal brothers, their fight over their father ́s inheritance, and of loyal servants who know how to defend the legitimate heir of Grieshuus Castle against all intrigues. Produced in 1924, between DIE NIBELUNGEN and METROPOLIS, ZUR CHRONIK VON GRIESHUUS is testament to the opulence of German cinema. The best actors, cinematographers and production designers worked on this production.


Gottfried Huppertz

1925 reconstructed by Olav Lervik (2014)
  large orchestra (from 46 Musicians)    
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