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Snowman, The
(The Snowman)

THE SNOWMAN has been a children’s Christmas classic ever since its original release in 1982. Based on Raymond Briggs’ book from 1978, the tale of a solitary little boy whose snowman comes to life in the night and takes him on a series of adventures finally culminates in a meeting with Father Christmas. The film version of THE SNOWMAN which was produced by the British television deservedly won awards for its animators. This is not a surprise, as they had the best material to work with: Briggs’ softly absorbing original illustrations which magically combine Christmas fantasy with the stark realities of life and death.

Like the novel, the movie is wordless but features the song “Walking in the Air”, which is sung by a boy soprano. “Walking in the air” is the heart of a film score composed by Howard Blake which eventually became his most famous composition.

THE SNOWMAN was first shown on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve 1982 and was an immediate success, being nominated for an Oscar and winning prizes in France and Italy and The British Academy's Best Children's Film Award 1983.

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Howard Blake

  small orchestra (16 - 45 Musicians)    
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