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This finely tuned film is in the early tradition of romance, tragedy, and the evocation of man and nature that Stiller helped refine. In this variation of the theme of the eternal triangle, an enigmatic stranger enters a staid community with fixed characters – the domineering mother, the weak son who finally stands up to her, the orphaned servant-girl whom he marries – and becomes a human catalyst, bringing about unexpected and unknown reactions within the spiritual and social framework of the community.

Marit, a hard working girl at the secluded farm of Johan, marries the landlord because of rational arguments. The marriage becomes a torture. One day a stranger comes up and makes advances to Marit. She refuses first, but after a while feels herself attracted inexorably towards this handsome intruder. The lovers set out in a boat, and are soon involved in a vertiginous trip through some rapids. Johan, after a hectic chase, finally intercepts the pair. A fight takes place. The stranger is badly beaten, but it is Johan who is broken in spirit, for he realises that Marit did in fact leave of her own accord. She regrets her decision and begs her husband not to leave her. They become reconciled and return to the farm.


Alexander Popov

  Ensemble (1 - 15 Musicians)    
flute, clarinet/bassclarinet, horn, trumpet, viola, cello, harp, piano, percussion
sync fps