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Last Days of Pompeji, The
(Gli Ultimi Giorni di Pompei)

GLI ULTIMI GIORNI DI POMPEI is a monumental epic drama and a milestone in Italian cinema. It is one of a stock of Italian historical silent films that has deeply influenced following cinema productions.

A few years ago the Cineteca Nazionale has started a project, which involves the restoration of the Italian film heritage. Thanks to this initiative, also this film could be restored after a long time of research in film archives all over the world.

The action takes place in the year 79 a.C. in Pompei. A young and rich man from Athens, Glauco, falls in love with Jone, who is the female ward of Arbace, an Egyptian priest, cruel and corrupt. Arbace opposes their marriage, because he secretly loves Jone and, as she escapes from him, he decides to ruin Glauco. He first kills Jone’s brother, Apecides, an old ward of him, who has discovered his deceits. Then he administers poison to Glauco and, taking advantage of the state of unconsciousness the young man is in, he accuses him of Apecides’ s murder. As the result, Glauco is sentenced to death by lions, but at the last moment, thanks to a blind girl, Nydia, who owes her life and freedom to him, he is claimed innocent and Arbace is unmasked. Arbace will die as the terrible volcano’s eruption begins; the city will be buried under ashes, and the frightened people run away. Glauco and Jone will survive.


Antonio Coppola

  large orchestra (from 46 Musicians)    
1/octavine+ – – 1 pianoforte "granpiano" da concerto.3 percussionists for the following instruments: 3 timpani ,1 tamburo militare ,1 xilofono ,1 triangolo ,1 gran cassa, piatto sospeso , 2 piatti volanti ,1 gong – strings ( or min. (
sync fps