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Lodger, The
(The Lodger - A Story of the London Fog)
Great Britain

THE LODGER became Alfred Hitchcock’s first horror classic and his first great success. It also marks the start of Hitchcock’s famous cameo appearances. The film is a typical Hitchcock thriller in which a serial killer murders blond women in London. After all, it wouldn’t be a Hitchcock if it didn’t include the usual ingredients of thrill and suspense!

A serial killer known as “The Avenger” is murdering women in London. Every Tuesday, the killer murders a blond woman, and every time the police find the victim, she is wearing the signature of The Avenger. A strange new lodger, Jonathan Drew, requests to rent a room at Mr. and Mrs. Bounting’s residence in Bloomsbury. His odd habits, such as leaving the house late on foggy nights and keeping a picture of a blond girl in his room, cause suspicion. The Bounting’s daughter, Daisy, is engaged to Joe, a detective. Daisy Bounting is a blond model that has a flirtatious relationship with the lodger. When another murder occurs close to the Bounting’s residence, Joe and Mr. Bounting suspect Jonathan of being the avenger, and so the lodger is arrested.


Michael Obst

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