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Earth, The

Ukrainian cinema made a significant and unique contribution to soviet film history. Its history began in 1910 and found its culmination in the nationalization of the film industry in 1919 under Lenin. 1929 in Kiev Aleksandr Dovzhenko directed his silent-film masterpiece ZEMLYA (THE EARTH). It is an enthusiastic song of praise toward the collectivisation of goods and a hymn to nature and rural life.

The film explores the life and death of its protagonist. Vassili tries to improve the lifestyle of the village farmers by investing all of his energy in obtaining a tractor. That year’s harvest is successful, yet during a love scene in a summer night, Vassili is murdered. In the end he is carried on a stretcher to his grave. The Ukrainian director Dovzhenko produced this film in poetry style, examining natural cycles through his epic montage. Pictures with lyrical tones such as flower petals falling in the rain show the triumph of nature and an idealistic vision of the possibilities of Socialism. ZEMLYA was made in a time when Ukrainians accepted collectivisation with enthusiasm.


Alexander Popov

  Ensemble (1 - 15 Musicians)    
1/picc.1.1/bcl.0 – – 2 perc with tymp.piano.harp – stringquintet