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(Peter & the Wolf)

Sergei Prokofiev’s iconic story of an isolated boy’s thirst for adventure and determination to confront his fear, told by a narrator and featuring a family of animal characters (each represented by an instrument of the orchestra), has grown to become the most enduring piece of music education ever produced. The orchestral parable was commissioned by a Moscow children’s theatre and premiered in 1936. Like other ubiquitous legends, Robin Hood for example, the story of Peter and the Wolf has been an inspiration to a number of film makers over the last 50 years. 

The most recent cinematic outing for Prokofiev’s score is the stop-frame animation produced by Breakthru Films which won the Oscar for ‘Best Animated Short Film’ in 2008. The film, which was conceived by conductor Mark Stephenson, producer Hugh Welchman and director Suzie Templeton, reworks Prokofiev’s popular tale, setting the scene in a contemporary landscape and including some 21st century twists and an environmental theme.

Breakthru Films, in collaboration with Southbank Centre, created PETER & THE WOLF LIVE, a dramatic show which encases the 30 minute film within a one hour staged production with a brand new script by renowned poet Simon Armitage. His script represents a major asset for the production, repackaging the magic of Prokofiev’s original idea for 21st century ears, both young and old. 

This production was premiered in six consecutive sell-out concerts at London’s Royal Festival Hall in December 2009 and was enthusiastically received by critics and the public. “This is to say how very much we enjoyed the performance” commented Frances Prokofiev, the composer’s daughter-in-law. “The way the film was presented and accompanied made PETER & THE WOLF newly fresh… There was a buzz and excitement in the hall and we all went away feeling happy and stimulated – a real achievement!” The Independent wrote that, “the joy of this film is the care, sensitivity and imagination that matches even Prokofiev’s work.” (intermusica)


Sergej Prokofjew

  small orchestra (16 - 45 Musicians)    
stafflist – – timp.2perc – strings – narrator