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Space Patrol - Back in Concert
(Raumpatrouille Orion - Rücksturz ins Konzert)
Drama / Sci-Fi

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the TV series SPACE PATROL, European FilmPhilharmonic Institute presented a world premiere in conjunction with the event organizer The feature film version of the cult series, which was released in cinema 2003, was the first German sound film to be entirely synchronised with live music. The original music was rearranged for a big band and is now available for live concerts for the first time.

The idea for the film concert SPACE PATROL – BACK IN CONCERT was born out of a desire to both allow a contemporary audience to experience the sense of nostalgia and fascination associated with historic silent films and their symphonic accompaniment and to devote more time to sound films, in particular those from recent film history. The science fiction series from the 1960s was the ideal candidate for this project: not only is it interesting in cinematic terms, it also has a strong and convincing musical score. The latter’s composition, consisting of jazzy-galactic soundscapes, which has been covered more than 50 times, is responsible for the fascination and credibility that imbue the film. In Sven Klammer’s und Rudi Mauser’s arrangement, contemporary pop, lounge and electronic music merge with the now famous 1960s ”Peter Thomas sound“. Sophisticated picture, dialogue and sound technology was used to extract the film’s music soundtrack, thereby preparing it for live performance in film concerts. SPACE PATROL therefore represents not only one of the gems of German film history but also a novelty in the field of film concert production


Peter Thomas

1966 Arrangement: Sven Klammer, Rudi Mauser
  Ensemble (1 - 15 Musicians)    
4 reeds (flute/cl/bcl/ssx/asx/tsx/barsx) - - timp.perc.drums.acoustics jazz git.E-git.E-Bgit.hammondorgan/keyboard.vocal