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TABU is a famous silent-film melodrama and prominent director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s last film. It was filmed at the original set in Bora Bora granting it a poetic mixture of drama and ethnographic study. Murnau never experienced the premiere of his film, which took place after his death on March 11, 1930 in Santa Barbara, CA due to a car accident. Instead of the original silent-film, the producer Hugo Riesenfeld presented TABU as a sound motion picture at its premiere in 1931.

Reri and Matahi are two young lovers who live on an island on the south sea. When Reri is called to be a priestess their youthful dreams come to an end. She is now “tabu” for all men, and she and Matahi must separate. Rather than doing so, the two lovers flee to a nearby island, where Matahi is hired as a pearl diver. Their luck runs out as soon the two lovers are discovered and Reri boards the ship that is to send her to her destiny in order to save Matahi’s life. He attempts to catch up to the boat and in doing so drowns in the big sea.


Violeta Dinescu

  Ensemble (1 - 15 Musicians)    
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