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Two Timid Souls
(Les deux timides)

Director René Clair is considered as a master of light French comedy. His film TWO TIMID SOULS is dedicated to the coyness of men. Neither of his characters is able to admit to his feelings and ask Cécile to marry them. Clair’s film is a comic confusion of love and lust with a happy ending.

The story begins with the shy and inexperienced lawyer, Frémissin, defending Monsieur Garadoux in court. He is charged for battering his wife, and Frémissin is unable to successfully defend him. Instead of asking for acquittal, Frémissin mistakingly asks for his client’s imprisonment, thus sentencing Garadoux to three years in jail. In the meantime, Frémissin falls in love with Cécile, yet he is too shy to confront her about his feelings. Three years later, Garadoux is released from prison. Now a widower, he too wishes to marry the beautiful Cécile. He asks her father, Monsieur Thibaudier, for Cécile’s hand in marriage against her will. The result is a turbulent comedy about the disability of two men to admit to their passions and fears.


Bernd Schultheis

  Ensemble (1 - 15 Musicians)    
1/Pic/Altflöte in G/Bassflöte (mögl. mit f#-fuß).1/EHr. 1/Es+BassKl.0 - 1.0.1(Alt- und Tenorbassposaune mit Quartventil).0 - 1 Schlzg - Solobesaitung: f#, h, e, a)
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