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Pressestimmen zu METROPOLIS im Teatro alla Scala


 L’UNITÀ, 7 June 2011:

“A new and unusual presentation as the last concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra at La Scala. (…) Strobel, conducting the concert, has also studied and recorded Huppertz’s score with special consideration for the synchronization of sound and film imagery. (…) The public was carried away by the enthralling experience of watching the film on the big screen and hearing the orchestra play the original score live. (...) Strobel and the orchestra gave a very good performance, never missing any single one of these dramatic moments (…) The eclecticism of the film comes from other musical traditions, but the synchronization (interaction of music and images) is perfect.”



“(W)hat an experience to watch this masterpiece of the silent era while listening to the original score (…) really well interpreted by the Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Frank Strobel, who is a specialist much aware of each frame in the film, even to the degree where he can reach perfect synchronization of sound and image without the support of technological devices. An evening unlike any other at La Scala, and one that was much applauded by the audience.”



IL GIORNO MILANO, 7 June 2011:

“Even if it was not the best concert in respect to the musical quality with which the concert season of La Scala closed, it undoubtedly represented for me the most original and the most intriguing one: a screening of the film Metropolis by Fritz Lang (1927, silent) with the original score by Gottfried Huppertz played in the pit by the Philharmonic Orchestra of La Scala conducted in an exemplary manner by Frank Strobel.” (…) All of this melted together in a genuinely successful evening, and one does not wonder that it took place at La Scala; a tangible example of the fact that opera and cinema speak a very similar language. This evening surely deserves a sequel and raises the question: When will we hear the quintessence of Die Nibelungen, also by Lang, and with the score by Huppertz?”